Welcome to Sendai!

Sendai is a big city with a small city feel. Throughout the city center are beautiful green trees and sculptures. This, combined with the numerous municipal parks, has resulted in the Sendai nickname of "City of Trees" (mori-no-miyako). The population of is just over 1 million. With several world-renowned universities and private colleges, Sendai places great value on education.

There are also a wide variety of restaurants, cinemas, museums, art galleries, sports facilities and plenty of other places to keep you entertained in your free time. Sendai stretches from the ocean in the east to the mountains in the west, so there’s also plenty to keep outdoor enthusiasts busy!

The climate in Sendai can best be described as temperate. Those of you who have never experienced four seasons in one year, actually five if you include the rainy season, will certainly enjoy the changing weather. Summer is usually hot and very humid. Temperatures in winter get quite chilly, but it is often sunny and rarely stays below freezing for long. Snowfall level is light to moderate in town, but the nearby mountains get plenty, allowing for 3 to 4 months of great skiing. Sendai is a great city and a great place to work! We hope you enjoy it here.