Trophies and Awards

First Place Prize: The Taylor Anderson Award for Creative Merit. The trophies will be given to the winner's school for the display case. The trophy will move to the next winners school the following year.

The First Place Prize: The Taylor Anderson Award for Artistic Merit is awarded for the piece that had a very strong visual impact in the eyes of the judges.


Sendai City Comic Contest:
 2014 Winners




First Place Awards:
Recipients of the 
Taylor Anderson Awards
for Creative and
Artistic Merit

First Place, Creative Merit:
Short Comic Division: 

Yunks, Kamisugiyama JHS

First Place, Artistic Merit:
Long Comic Division: 

H.K., Tago JHS



*See Yunks' other
great entries:
A Historical Affair
A Discovery
Handsome Guys


Second Place Awards:

Second Place:
Short Comic Division:

U.K., Itsutsubashi JHS

Second Place:
Long Comic Division:

Fiorire, Hirose JHS

Grade Honors Awards:

First Year Honors Prize:
M.W., Iwakiri JHS


Second Year Honors Prize:
Nanami, Tago JHS



Third Year Honors Prize:
Black Tuna,
Nankoudai Higashi JHS

*See Black Tuna`s other
great entries:
The Meeting Room
Hungry and Sleepy


Judges' Choice Awards:

Best Tearjerker 
Oyakoro, Tago JHS


Best English Joke
Miles, Nakayama JHS





Best Teen Theme
☆*Night*☆, Nishiyama JHS


Most Heartwarming
Rinka, Nakayama JHS





Team Effort
A.M., Hirose JHS


Best Effort
S.K., Nakano JHS





Best Fairy Tale Adaptation
Yuka, Minamikoizumi JHS


Best Message
Miria, Yakata JHS





Special Needs
Division Awards:

S.N. Honors Award:
K.K., Nakada JHS

S.N. Honors Award:
English Usage
K.T., Saiwaicho JHS

S.N. Honors Award:
Artistic Merit
S.I., Tago JHS