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Foreign Food Stores in Sendai

By Lottie Fisher

Japanese food is all very well and good and you may love the stuff, but there comes a time when it just doesn’t cut the mustard anymore! For me that’s almost every day! I get home after my delicious kyuushoku and like to create a little taste of home. You can find a good deal of ingredients in the supermarkets here and Seiyu (because it’s a member of the Asda/Wallmart monster of a company) has a few foreign food items too.

If the supermarkets aren’t enough, which lets face it, unless you like to live off tofu, fish and natto then its not, you can go to foreign food stores like Kaldi, Jupiter and Yamaya. Yamaya is EVERYWHERE, it has a lot of alcohol and a fairly good selection of foreign food items that will be cheaper than Kaldi and Jupiter, but there isn’t an extensive selection. You can buy chips, tortillas, salsa, cheese and even real bacon (look for a packet of nama ham that is clearly not, I think they call it prosciutto, which it’s not either. Not all stores will have it, but fry it up and that’s the real deal!).

For a better selection you can go to Kaldi and Jupiter, both of which have shops in Sendai station. There is another Kaldi up on Ichibancho which is a little bigger and therefore not as claustrophobic as the other. One more less well known store is down next to Office 24 on the way down to Bar Waterr called Meidi-ya. It’s worth a try if you are really looking for something the others don’t stock, like marmite, but expect to pay a fair whack as it’s a little over priced.

By far one of the best places to look is the whole-sale bulk food shop. The one I know of is down Nagamachi-Minami way and may take a bit of finding, but it’s definitely there that you can find the best ingredients for the best prices. It’s called Sato Shokai Shokuhin Center .Walk away from The Mall with La La Garden on your right and keep going till you reach the Pachinko Tiger at the crossing, it’s on the left by the Toyota car rental place. It’s these kind of shops that the restaurants buy from, so you can have restaurant quality at home for a third of the price. It stocks a lot of the same foods as the foreign food stores but for a marginally cheaper amount and a much bigger size. They have a good selection of meat too, anything from whole chickens, to duck breasts and ready made yaki-tori (great for the BBQ) it’s got it all and is much much cheaper than you could buy in the supermarkets.

For information on foreign food store locations, check out the map in our foreign foods' shopping section:

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Reader Comments (5)

Marmite! I'd been making do with the inferior vegemite. Yesssssss..... Thank you Lotte!

April 11, 2012 | Registered CommenterMatthew Pronger

Just for those who live north of Ichibancho, there's also a Kaldi in Selva Mall, which is beside Izumi Chuo Subway Station. They have fairly cheap pasta.

April 11, 2012 | Registered CommenterAmanda Jagt

For anyone who bakes or hormonally binges on chocolate - Seiyu (at least the big one at the MALL) carries nice big Asda-brand bars of dark and milk chocolates that are infinitely cheaper than the ridiculous 100 gram baggies of chocolate chips or paper-thin Ghana bars. Really, infinitely.

Also you'd probably notice in your search for Sato, but the Toyota rental place and Sato will be on your right (the north side of the street).

April 12, 2012 | Registered CommenterLiam Stormonth

I have only just realised this left/right mistake.....I have always had this issue!! Apologies!

September 12, 2012 | Registered CommenterCharlotte Fisher

I live really up north (izumi-ku) and the only two places I generally tend to find international food are A) Kaldi (selva- next next to the izumi-chuo station) and B) Jupiter (Tapio mall)

June 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterRik

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