Bus Routes Stops and Schedules

There is a great bus network throughout Sendai, with many, many routes available. English information can be a little hard to come by. On this page you’ll find an overview of some of the routes available.

If you have a specific departure point and destination in mind, your best bet is to call the English Hotline at Sendai International Centre: (022) 224-1919 Staff will be more than happy to find out which bus is best for you.

  • For a map of the main bus routes, click here
  • For listings of all the bus stops on each of these routes, click here

For a map and list of bus stops near the following stations please click on the links below:

  • Sendai JR Station
  • Izumi Chuo Subway Station
  • Yaotome Subway Station
  • Asahigaoka Subway Station
  • Nagamachi Minami Subway Station

For Bus Schedules in Japanese

  1. Go to the Sendai City Transport homepage
  2. Click on the link below "English" on left hand side. 時刻表...
  3. Click, on the main page, 仙台市バス 
  4. Click on あいうえお検...
  5. You should now have a pastel hiragana keyboard in front of you. Click on the hiragana corresponding to the first syllable of the bus stop. For example, to get the schedule of the bus stop nearest school that will get your successor to meetings downtown
  6. You can also, if you're clever, use this site to work out the routes between two stops; just play around with it. There is a kind of brownish hiragana keyboard and spaces for the stops you get on and off.
  7. Alternatively, if you're REALLY keen, you can call the bus info line at 222-2256. They’re very helpful