There are three kinds of buses in Sendai: the city buses painted in light green with blue stripes, the Miyagi Kotsu buses painted in red and white, and the Ayashi Kotsu painted in yellow and white. The destinations and route numbers are shown on the front and back of the buses. Please make sure to check them before riding the bus.

Some city buses and Miyagi Kotsu buses are covered entirely in various colors with advertisement designs. In that case, please confirm which bus it is by the display on the front and entrance, and the color on the front.

Riding the Bus

The entrance is in the middle of the bus and the exit is at the front. When getting on, if paying in cash, take a fare ticket. If using a prepaid card, put your card through the machine beside the door when you board (put it in the bottom slot and it’ll come out the top). In this case, you don't need to take a fare ticket.

Listen for your destination bus stop to be announced. After the name of your stop is announced, push one of the buttons near the window or on the ceiling to let the driver know you want to get off.

Bus fares should be paid when you get off.

If you are using a ticket, and paying in cash, find out how much you pay from the signboard at the front of the bus; the fare is displayed under your fare ticket number. For example, if your ticket has “4” printed on it, you must pay the fare listed under “4” on the board.

Bus Fare Signboard

Put your cash and ticket in here Put the exact change and ticket together in the fare box beside the driver. There is a money changer attached to the fare box at the front (change your money before paying the fare). However, you can only change coins and ¥1000 notes. If you use a prepaid card, put your card through the machine next to the fare box. You can buy prepaid cards from the bus driver for ¥1000, ¥3000, and ¥5000 (these cards are only good on buses). If you are paying for more than one person, tell the driver. You can also buy commuter passes on the bus, from the machine beside the driver. If you use a commuter pass, show it to the driver. Congratulations, you survived your first bus ride!

Bus Fares

The minimum bus fare is ¥150 or ¥170 in some parts (*except in the downtown area). Children up to 11 years old should pay half the adult fare. A child at the age of 1 through 5 travels for free when they get on the bus with a person 6 years of age and over.

* ¥100 pack: flat bus The bus fare is ¥100 (children:¥50) if you get on and get off the city buses or the Miyagi Kotsu buses (excluding Loople Sendai, highway buses, express buses, and Limousine buses) in the specified zone in the downtown area.