Closing your Bank Account

*You may need to leave your bank/postal account open for up to two months after you leave in order to ensure all bill payments are deducted.*

To close your bank account, you (or someone acting on your behalf; usually your supervisor) must take your hanko, passbook (’’ tsuuchou) and bank card (ƒkyasshu kaado) to your local branch office. You may also need to provide the bank with the address originally registered for your account. Be aware that privacy and fraud are big concerns of banks recently. If you delegate someone to close your account, it is worth informing the bank in advance, and checking the exact procedures with your bank beforehand.  

Your account will be closed and the balance will be given to you/your proxy in cash on the spot. Please refer to the   section for information on how to transfer any left over money from Japan after your bills are taken care of.