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Tips for prompting the Comic Contest

Trophies and Awards

First Place Prize: The Taylor Anderson Award for Creative Merit. The trophies will be given to the winner's school for the display case. The trophy will move to the next winners school the following year.

The First Place Prize: The Taylor Anderson Award for Artistic Merit is awarded for the piece that had a very strong visual impact in the eyes of the judges.


Sendai City Junior High School English  Language Comic Contest

2017 Guidelines and Rules

Contest Aim:

-To motivate junior high school students to express themselves creatively in English.

-To provide a forum for students to express themselves and to share ideas in English.

Contest Eligibility:

-This contest is open to all Junior High School Students attending school in Sendai City, Japan.

Main Contest Awards:

-Award certificates will be given for the following:

  • First Place Overall (Short Comic Division)
  • Honorable Mention (Short Comic Division)
  • First Place Overall (Multiple Page Division)
  • Honorable Mention (Multiple Page Division)
  • First Year Award, Second Year Award, Third Year Award, and Special Education Award

-Other awards may be given.

Submission Rules:

-Students are asked to submit an original English comic using the cartoon panel provided (each student can arrange the panel as he or she sees fit).

-Individuals may submit a short comic (1 page), a multiple page comic (2 or more pages), or both.

-Individuals may submit as many entries as they like. Each entry must be submitted under an individual student`s name. Students also have the option to submit a pen name. The pen name or their initials (when no pen name is submitted) will be used to identify their work on the website.

-Entries must be given to the student’s ALT by the contest deadline (December 2nd, 2016). All entries must include the student’s full name, grade, school and entry title. After receiving the entry, the ALT will send the entry to the Sendai Board of Education where it will be judged by a preselected panel.

-Entries must use English in their comics. The amount and level of English used will be considered in the judging process. Artistic skill and originality will also be considered.

-Students are free to select their own content, though it should be appropriate to Junior High School students' English level.

Contest Entry Deadline and Results:

-The entry deadline: December 2nd, 2016 (Friday).

-Contest Results will be announced in February 2017.

Contest Display:

-Selected contest entries will be displayed on the Sendai ALT website (www.jetsendai.com). Selected entries may also be given to ALTs to include on school English boards or to supplement English classes.