Departure Checklist

Have you cancelled …
- your utilities (gas, electric, water)?
- your phone(s) and services (landline, international calling service, cell phone)?
- your internet service?
- other miscellaneous things (gym membership, parking space, car/motorbike insurance, newspaper/magazine subscriptions, etc.)?

Have you…
- paid all your bills,or arranged for their payment?
- closed, or arranged for the closure of your bank account?
- set up mail forwarding?
- cleaned your apartment?
- thrown out things your successor doesn’t want?
- completed paperwork for transferring your phoneline?
- filled out the apartment and school information packs for your successor(s)?
- extended your visa if necessary?

Have you packed…
- your pension book?
- your handbook?
- Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance company details?
- Shidoka’s contact details?
- your school/supervisor’s contact details?

Don’t forget to…
- hand in your health card a week before your last day at school
- hand in your Alien Registration/Residency card at Immigration when you leave! (no work visa cancelation = no pension refund)