Please be sure to check out other reccommended English speaking clinics in the Sendai Hospitals and Clincs Guide produced by SIRA! 

Emergency clinics

Calling an Ambulance
Dial 119 (for fire/ambulance department) if you need emergency treatment for a serious injury, sudden illness, burns, poisoning, etc. An ambulance will take you to an emergency hospital. The phone line will be answered in Japanese. Give your information as below: 

If you have an injury: Say “Kega wo shimashita.” Then give your name and address. 
If you have a sudden illness: Say “Kyu byo desu.” Then give your name and address.

If you need an English speaker to help, please call your supervisor, or an advisor or PA, Alternatively, call the Emergency Interpretation Service (for Medical Institutions) based in Tokyo: 
Tel:03-5285-8185 Weekdays 5-8pm; Weekends & Holidays 9am-8pm 
Languages: English/Chinese/Korean/Thai/Spanish 
Or call the SIRA English hotline: (022) 224-1919 Daily 9am-8pm (Except the dates that the International Center is closed). 

24 Hour Emergency Hospitals

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