Forwarding Mail

Make sure to cancel newspaper and magazine subscriptions, as well as notifying your credit card and student loan companies, etc. of your address change.

To arrange mail forwarding, complete a Change of Address Notice (転居届 tenkyo todoke) postcard, which can usually be found on the tables with the other banking forms. You can complete the form in English or Japanese, but don’t forget to take your hanko!

There are two mail forwarding (転送 tenso) options:

Forwarding Mail to an Alternative Address in Japan

You can forward all your mail to an address in Japan (such as your school) for up to one year. Be sure to ask in advance, because whoever helps you will have to pay for the postage to send your mail to wherever you are. Shidoka will not accept your mail! A new form must be filled out each successive year if you still want the mail forwarded.

Forwarding Mail to Your Overseas Address

You can also choose the option of having mail that comes from abroad forwarded to an address abroad. Note that all letters originally sent from within Japan will be returned to the sender. Packages forwarded to your overseas address will incur an additional charge.