Please be sure to check out other reccommended English speaking clinics in the Sendai Hospitals and Clincs Guide produced by SIRA! 

Visiting the Doctor

Take your Alien Registration Card/Residency Card (to copy your address in Japanese) and Health Insurance Card. If you don’t have your insurance card you may be expected to pay all the costs and be reimbursed later!
You don’t generally need an appointment, you can go when it’s convenient for you, but you may have to wait a while.

・ If it’s your first time visiting a particular clinic, go to the counter and say ‘Shinki no kanja desu’
・ If you’ve been before, say ‘Onegaishimasu’

You will be usually asked to fill out a registration form with your contact information and pertinent medical history. Some of the English speaking physicians recommended by ALTs have their own forms, but you can download bilingual copies from the following website to fill out prior to your visit if you would like to:

This website has useful vocabulary written in each clinic category, you can also refer to the JET Programme General Information Handbook for information on visiting the doctor.

After your consultation, wait until you are called back to the reception desk to pay the bill, and collect any medication prescribed (or a prescription for medication).

You can always call your advisors at Shidoka, and we may be available to go with you if you want. The school nurse is also responsible for your health, as well as that of the students. They are an excellent resource: they can call ahead and explain a problem so the doctor knows what to do when you arrive at the clinic; research immunizations for your trip to Cambodia; and will be able to inform you about the clinics in the vicinity of your school.