Cancelling Your Internet Service 

Contact your internet service provider well in advance for cancellation details. Certain ISPs may require you to file your cancellation notice 2-3 months prior to departure. The information given below is only a guide, and you should check the procedures for your specific ISP subscription. You should have received information (perhaps only in Japanese) on cancellation procedures when signing up for your internet package. Look for papers mentioning 解約 (kaiyaku). 

Note: You should confirm with your ISP whether it is necessary to cancel with NTT/FLETs separately. For example, if you subscribe to FLETs ADSL, B FLETs, or NTT Hikari Fiber, plus an ISP (such as Nifty, Asahi Net, OCN, Plala, etc.), you may need to cancel both services separately. To contact NTT East, call 0120-364-463 for English information (9:00-17:00, Mon-Fri). 

Basic Cancellation Procedures 
- Call your ISP and/or NTT (or go to their online cancellation page for some companies) 
- You will need your customer number (kyakusama-bangou usually written as 客様番号 or 客さま番号), phone number, address, and possibly a log-in ID/password 
- Arrange a date for termination of service 
- Check when your final bill will arrive and how you can pay it 
- Check procedures for returning your modem and any other rental equipment 

B FLETs, FLETs ADSL, FLETs Fiber Optic, NTT 
These services are a bit of a grey area as far as cancellation information goes. It depends on your subscription; whether you have an ISP (such as OCN, Nifty or Plala) plus FLETs, FLETs through NTT, etc. It's best to refer to the information you received when signing up for your internet service. You should definitely contact your specific ISP to check procedures for cancelling your ISP subscription, and whether it is necessary to cancel FLETs separately, or if the ISP takes care of that. If you need to cancel FLETs separately, call NTT East for English information (9:00-17:00, Mon-Fri). 

To cancel your OCN service plan, either call customer service (0120-047-860; 9:00-21:00) or send the following information to Type "Request for cancellation" in the subject and include the following information in the message body: 
- Customer number that starts with an N 
- Service subscriber's name 
- Address 
- Daytime telephone number 
- Email address 
- Requested cancellation date 
- Reason for cancellation 
- Billing address (Give the name of addressee when it differs from service subscriber's name) 

- Your requested cancellation date must be after the date you send the request form. For OCN ADSL Set users, the requested cancellation date should be 12 business days later than the date that you send the request form. 
- If you cancel the Flat Plan/ FLET'S Plan/ B FLET'S Plan/ ADSL Set Plan in the middle of the month, the basic monthly fee will be counted at daily pro rata. For other plans, you will be charged the full monthly fee. 
- For those who are using NTT FLET'S service, the cancellation of OCN service does not cancel NTT's service such as B FLET'S, FLET'S ADSL, FLET'S ISDN, etc. To cancel NTT's service, submit the cancellation request to NTT. 
- If you would like to forward emails that are sent to your OCN email address, set up the forwarding through Mail ON Service before the cancellation date. The forwarding option that you set up cannot be changed nor canceled after the cancellation date. This forwarding option takes effect immediately and continues for 90 days after the cancellation date. 

Cancelling your KDDI internet subscription depends on which service plan you subscribe to. To cancel dial-up, FLETs ADSL or B FLETs, you should use the online "self-page" 

This requires a 10-digit Self ID (セルフID) and Self Password (セルフパスワード). It is only available in Japanese, so you"ll probably need your supervisor's help. If you have another plan, or don't know your Self ID/password, you should call the customer service line: 
- English: 0077-780081 (toll-free, daily 9:00-20:00) 
- Japanese: 0077-777 (toll-free, daily 9:00-20:00) or 0120-22-0077 if you can't get through.
Be prepared to answer lots of questions! 

Yahoo!BB charges their customers on a month-to-month basis (i.e. if you call at the beginning of July to inform them of your cancellation, your service will stop at the end of July). You'll be billed for your final payment the following month, so be sure to leave ample funds in your bank account. Alternatively, you can arrange to have your final bill paid by credit card. The change of payment method takes one month to process, so be sure to do this early. 

To cancel your Yahoo!BB, call the SoftBank BB Information Center (10:00-18:00, 7 days a week): 
- 0800-1111-130 (English toll free line - you must call from your Yahoo!BB phone) 
- 03-6888-4943 (English line for cell phone or non-Yahoo!BB phone) 

You also have to send the modem, etc. back to Yahoo!BB. The shipping fee will be at your expense. Make sure to include your name, address, customer number and telephone number in the package. 

SoftBank BB Modem Desk 
Higashi-Ougishima 19-2-613 
Kawasaki-ku , Kawasaki-shi 

In Japanese: 
〒 210-0869 
SoftBank BB モデム係 宛 

If you also have BBTV, you must notify BBTV by the 20th of the month (i.e. if you want to cancel BBTV at the end of July, you have to notify BBTV by July 20th). BBTV offers its customer assistance only in Japanese. It may be best to have a Japanese speaking friend assist you with the cancellation. You can cancel online (Japanese only), for instructions in English, see: 

Alternatively, call the BBTV Customer Support Center (Japanese only, 10:00-18:00, 7 days a week): 
- 0120-936-582 (Japanese toll free line - you must call from your Yahoo!BB phone) 
- 03-6688-4895 (Japanese line from cell phone or non-Yahoo!BB phone) 
Listen to the recorded message and dial Extension 6-2-1 for Cancellation 
You also have to send the set-top box back to BBTV (same address as for your modem). The shipping charge will be at your expense.