With a Sendai Marugoto Pass, you can take the JR trains in the Sendai-Matsushima-Yamadera-Iwanuma area, Loople Sendai sightseeing buses, Sendai municipal buses (excluding buses to the airport), the Sendai municipal subway on the entire line, and Miyagi Kotsu buses on some routes as much as you like for two days. For further information, see http://www.sendaimarugoto.com/index.html (click on the INFORMATION button on the left to go to the English page).

  • Price: Y2,600 per person (elementary school student: Y1,300) 
  •  Validity: two days 
  • Usage: For rides on the JR trains and the subway, go through the automated ticket gate as you usually do to take the train or the subway and keep your pass after going through the gate. For bus rides, show your pass when you get off the bus. 
  • Tourist discounts: You can obtain discounts at tourist facilities, and some restaurants, etc. by showing your pass. For more information on discounts, take a look at the Sendai Marugoto Pass and Guidebook Folder, for a list of benefits and discount coupons in the folder. 
  • Can be purchased at: JR East Midori-no-madoguchi (Reservation Ticket Office), View Plaza (Travel Service Center) and major travel agents such as JTB. 

To receive a Sendai Marugoto Pass and Guidebook Folder, show your pass at the following designated places: View Plaza Sendai, View Plaza Aobadori, View Plaza Honshiogama, and the Tourist Information Center in Sendai Station