Sending Money Home

When making credit card or university loan payments from overseas, if you keep an account open in your home country, you will find it fairly easy to maintain a good credit rating and make your monthly payments on time. It is a good idea to give a close friend or relative authority to act on your behalf with your home country financial institute, just in case your institute requires some face-to-face contact. This is usually done by applying at the financial institute. Bank transfers are available, but include a charge.

The post office offers two kinds of international money transfer services. The first is International Postal Money Order, whereby a check drafted by the post office is mailed to the payee, but this service is not available for many of the countries ALTs come from. The other option is International Postal Bank Transfer, sending money directly into payee`s bank account from the post office, and it requires the following details:

Current residential/postal address:
Bank/ branch:
Bank address:
Account name:
Bank swift code or equivalent: (This is essential)

It takes between 7-10 days for some countries and up to 30 days for others. See Japan Post for more information.

This chart will show you which countries take International Postal Money Order (Remittance to the Payee`s Address) and which take International Postal Bank Transfer (Remittance to the Payee`s Account).

Shinsei Bank (GoRemit) offers a money transfer service where you can wire money to a bank account in ANY country via the ATM. Shinsei guarantees the money to be wired within 48 hours. Previously this was GoLloyds with Lloyd's Bank, but ownership changed. They function the exact same way and transfer cards still work as well.

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