Pre-departure Checklist   

Have you...
Renewed your passport (if necessary)?
Received your work (Instructor) visa?
Received dependent's visas for your spouse/children?
Applied for a medication import permit (if necessary)?
Updated your immunizations?

Have you notified the following of your change of address?
Credit card company
Student Loan Company

Have you stocked up on...
Prescription medications?
Birth control?
Anti-perspirant deodorant?
Larger sized clothes?

US JETs, have you...

Submitted form 8802 to the IRS?
Received form 6166?
Submitted form 6166 to Sendai BOE?

Have you...
Been in contact with your predecessor?
Made arrangements with your predecessor for any purchases?
Asked your predecessor for omiyage recommendations (small gifts for staff)?

Don't forget to pack...
Your passport*
Your tickets*
Copies of prescriptions for any medications you bring
All materials sent to you by CLAIR
Money (cash or travelers's cheques - NOT bankers's drafts)
Your bags separated according to the instructions in your welcome pack
Important contact details from home

*Yes, people have forgotten these in the past and missed their flights!