Sendai is well known as the City of Trees, or mori-no-miyako. There are parks for cherry blossom viewing, picnicking, and playing sports. There are also a number of botanical gardens open at various times of the year.

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Nishi koen is beside the Hirose river where fireworks are held during Tanabata season. In spring it is bustling with cherry blossom merry makers.

Tsutsujigaoka koen is next to the folklore museum and busy during cherry blossom season. Either walk from Sendai station or take the senseki line and get off at Tsutsujigaoka station.

Mikamine koen is a large family park slightly removed from the main center. It does not have the usual festival stalls during cherry blossom season, but instead is visited by picnickers who sing and play games in the park. Take the subway to Nagamachi minami station and catch a bus towards the park from there or take a 20 minute stroll to the park.

Dainohara shinrin koen is a large park with an obstacle course for children, and the Seinen cultural center and the Science museum situated near by. Take the subway to Ashigaoka station and exit into the park grounds.


Izumi botanical gardens (Sendai City)

Operating schedule is from the second Saturday in April until the second Saturday in November.
Opening hours are 9:30am~5:30pm

NB: times could change in bad weather
Closed every Wednesday or the following day when a public holiday occurs on a Wednesday. Entrance fee: 500 yen for adults
About a 30 minute drive from Izumi chuo station with free car parking available

Tohoku University botanical gardens (Sendai City)

The Tohoku University botanical gardens operate from March 21 until November 30, closing on Mondays on the following day if a public holiday falls on a Monday.
Entrance fee: 220 yen for adults.
Is has a nice windy walking track through forest, and a lawn by the entrance for picnicking.
Transport to the gardens is from platform 9 in front of Sendai station going to the following places:

広瀬通 理・工学部経由 動物公園循環
広瀬通 理・工学部経由 西の平・長町南
Get off the bus at Tohoku Daigaku Kawauchi campus mae.
It takes around 10 minutes

Yasoen Koen (Sendai City)

Down south just off the main 286 route, Yasoen Koen is a wild plants garden with a seemingly under-utilised park. It has heaps of great trees and plants, not to mention a huge LAWN. Great for a picnic on a good day.They operate from April 1st until November 30th.
Entrance fee: 200 yen for adults.
Transport to the gardens is from platform 11 in front of Sendai station and goes to:
野草園行 or Yasoen yuki
Get off at 野草園前 Yasoen mae.

Michinoku Kohan Koen (Miyagi)

Michinoku park is just outside of Sendai city and has large flower beds and fountains. Play areas for children and picnic areas for grown ups.