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Selling Your Things

Try selling things through the Jet Sendai discussion board, mori-no-miyako, or by word-of-mouth to your friends and neighbours. There are also "recycle shops" that will either buy or take your things from you. Check the map link to secondhand stores that may take your items. Your successor may well want to buy some of your things from you.

BE FAIR about what you charge for things! New ALTs are at your mercy in terms of knowing how much things cost in Japan and they are doing you as much of a favour by taking your stuff as you are by setting them up before they arrive. Please put yourself in your successor’s position and treat them the way you would have liked your predecessor to have treated you.

Some suggestions for how to sell fairly to your successor:

・Please deal in yen. Unless you’re both from the same country, please don’t ask your successor to pay for the items in another currency as it will only make things unnecessarily complicated.
・Be fair about prices. If appliances and household goods are comparatively cheap to buy new, then you are being dishonest by selling such items at inflated prices to profit from your successor when they don’t have an opportunity to shop around. 
・Take into account depreciation and don’t unreasonably aim to recover all of the money you paid for the items you are selling. You should be charging half-price or less. 
・If you’ll still be here when your successor arrives, consider waiting until then to negotiate prices. If you won’t, suggest a price but allow for negotiation once they have seen its condition. 
・If unsure of the value of the items you are selling, ask somebody or check out prices of similar items at a store.
・Consider writing up an informal contract. 
・Be precise and honest when describing items. 
・Send color photos of items so that they can have a better idea of what they are buying. 
・Provide receipts for large items, such as cars, microwaves, etc. 
・Ask yourself the following questions when thinking of prices to sell items for: 

        - How often did I use the item? 
        - How much did I pay for it? 
        - How well was it maintained? 
        - How old is it? 

When you and your successor have reached an agreement about what you will leave behind for them, it may be a good idea to have them send an email detailing what they have agreed to take. This will avoid any confusion with your school and ensure they don’t throw dispose of any items your successor has requested.