The Sendai Loople Bus

Loople Sendai Bus

You can get on and off the LOOPLE SENDAI as many times as you want. It's your choice whether you use it for just one hour or you use it all day long. It is a very convenient shuttle bus for traveling around Sendai.

The buses go from Sendai Station to various sightseeing places located in the center of Sendai. Each loop trip takes about one hour. The first bus leaves at 9:00am from Sendai Station, and they continue to run every 30 minutes. The last bus leaves at 4:00pm. You can easily get on and off as you wish and choose your destinations as well as your length of stay at each place.

Loople Route

Sightseeing by Loople

At some tourist attractions, you'll receive a discount for admission, and possibly food and drinks (only in facilities showing a [discount] sign, and only if you have a one-day ticket). Please show your ticket when you go to these facilities.

Riding the Loople

The entrance of the bus is in the middle, and the exit is in front. You insert the one-day ticket (card) through the machine or pay the fare for a ride in cash. You can get on and off as many times as you wish with a ONE-DAY TICKET (get on and off anywhere for the same price for one ride).