Map of Sendai municipal junior and senior high schools

Where is Sendai?

Sendai is located in Miyagi, a prefecture of the Tohoku region which is part of Honshu, one of Japan's four main islands. Miyagi is bordered by the prefectures of Yamagata and Akita to the west, Fukushima to the south and Iwate to the north. Thanks to the influence of the Pacific Ocean, Sendai enjoys slightly milder weather than the prefectures to the north and west.

Sendai's Hello World Plan

The Hello World Plan (HWP) is unique to Sendai City. It ensures an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) is placed in every municipal junior and senior high school in Sendai. ALTs in Sendai municipal schools are hired either through the JET Programme, or directly by the Board of Education.

What's an ALT?

Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) are native speakers of English who assist Japanese Teachers of English (JTEs) in public schools throughout Japan.▲ Top

What's the JET Programme?

The JET Programme is implemented through the cooperation of Japanese ministries and agencies at all levels of government. The purpose of JET is to increase mutual understanding between the people of Japan and the people of other nations, and to promote the internationalization of Japan's communities by helping to improve foreign language education and developing international exchange.

Where is JET hiring conducted?

Japanese embassies in countries where the official language is English coordinate the application process for ALTs. Currently JETs from Australia, Canada, Ireland, Jamaica, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, the UK, and the US live and work in Sendai.

What are the qualifications for JETs?

ALTs must be native speakers of English, and have completed a bachelor's degree or equivalent at university. In addition they must of course be willing to commit to living in Japan for a year (extension up to five years possible). Successful candidates have generally demonstrated some interest in Japan through travel or study, often have experience living abroad, and have a bright and enthusiastic manner. For further information, see ▲ Top

What's the job like?

ALTs in Sendai team-teach lessons with a Japanese teacher at English at elementary, junior high or senior high school. The primary responsibility is that of creating an activity or game that practises target grammar from the course of study in a communicative way. Often, in addition to regular classes, ALTs teach elective English and special education students, generally taking more responsibility for the lesson. ALTs are further encouraged to attend and participate in special events at school, and also receive invitations to teach lessons at neighbouring elementary schools.▲ Top

What about ALTs hired directly by Sendai BOE?

The Hello World Plan allows the Sendai BOE to recruit experienced ALTs who have completed the full possible tenure on the JET Programme (5 years). Typically, up to 4 veteran ALTs have been hired each year to work as Hello World (HW) ALTs.

What does the Hello World ALT position involve?

In Sendai all ALTs work at a base school, sometimes with visits to elementary schools in the area. In addition, Hello World ALTs are required to help out at Municipal Orientation and the annual Skills and Development Conference. A series of seminars are conducted throughout the year in Sendai by the Educational Advisor, and Hello World ALTs are asked to assist with these. In addition, they are called on frequently by the BOE to participate in special projects, and as veteran ALTs, are mentors for newcomers.▲ Top

Can I apply to be a Hello World ALT?

If you have completed 5 years working as a JET Programme ALT you are eligible to apply for a private position with the Sendai BoE. We seek only exceptional ALTs who will act as inspiring role models for our JET Programme ALTs.▲ Top