Transferring between the Bus and Subway

Using a Transfer Ticket Transfer from the subway to the bus:

1. When you enter the subway station, go to the ticket vending machines. Purchase a subway-bus transfer ticket@(noritsugi-joshaken) from the machine which has a bus picture. You will get a transfer ticket which is valid for riding any bus within a Y150 zone.

2. Insert the subway-bus transfer ticket into the subway gate to pass through.

3. Get off at a designated bus transfer station and transfer to a bus. Don't forget to keep the transfer ticket.

4. No extra money is needed within the Y150 zone from the bus stop. If you ride a bus that costs over Y150,you must pay the extra amount.


Using a Transfer Ticket Transfer from the bus to the subway:

1. When you get off at a bus stop that is connected to a subway line, tell the driver you wish to buy a subway-bus transfer ticket (noritsugi-joshaken). You can get a transfer ticket for an adult which is good for one or two stops from your starting point from any designated subway station which usually costs Y240 (adult). Izumi Chuou Station and Yaotome Station are the exceptions - you can only use the transfer for one stop, which usually costs Y200 (adult) and Y100 (child).

2. By purchasing the transfer ticket on the bus, you will get a Y40 discount. Pay the extra amount in addition to your bus fare. You can see your bus fare by looking at the signboard in the front of the bus (see the following example).

3. Pass through the subway gate using the subway-bus transfer ticket, and get on the subway.

4. If you ride past the zone your ticket covers, use the fare adjustment machine before going through the gate. Take the adjustment ticket, and insert it into the gate to exit.


Using a Skip Card Transfer between the Bus and Subway 

1. Get off at a designated bus stop and put your Skip card through the gate. Your fare will be deducted.

2. If there isn’t enough money on your card, first go to the fare adjustment machine. Either pay the difference in cash, or add a new Skip card. Then use the fare adjustment ticket to pass through the gate.

3. When you get on the bus, put your Skip card in the machine at the door.

4. When you get off the bus, insert your card in the fare machine beside the driver. Your fare will be deducted, with an automatic Y40 transfer discount.


Using a Skip Card Transfer from the Subway to the Bus

1. If your Skip card has less than Y200 on it, you won’t be able to get on the subway using it.

2. Go to the ticket vending machines near the gate. Insert your card into the vending machine. Either add a new card, or cash to make up the fare cost.

3. Buy a subway-bus transfer ticket. Use this ticket to pass through the gate.

4. Get off the subway at a designated subway station.

5. Pass through the subway gate using the subway-bus transfer ticket, and get on the bus at a designated bus stop.

6. Give the bus driver your subway-bus transfer ticket as payment. If your fare isn’t covered by your ticket, pay the extra to the driver. Transfer from the bus to the subway


Designated Stations and Bus Stops

When you get on and off at a designated subway stations (or bus stops), you are entitled to a transfer discount. There are seven designated subway stations: Izumi Chuou, Yaotome, Asahigaoka, Dainohara, Kita Sendai, Nagamachi, and Nagamachi Minami. There are five designated subway stations for Miyagi Koutsu buses (the same as above except for Dainohara and Kita Sendai.)

*There are other designated bus stops at Izumi Ward Office, Izumity 21 Mae, Maeoki, Mill Port S Iriguchi, Kita Sendai Station, and Hayamamachi. You get a Y40 discount from the total fare of the bus and the subway. The fare for children (over 1 and under 12, or elementary school students) is half of the fare for adults. You also get a transfer discount on transfer passes.