Information on separating waste


Waste Disposal


Separating waste in Japan can be a complicated business. For guidance on how it is done in Sendai, please check the information in English published by the Sendai City Environmental Bureau here.

Map to waste disposal plants below
Open from from 9am ~ 4:15pm Monday to Friday
For up to 100kg the cost for disposal is 1000 yen.  You wil need to take the items by car and be able to present the shaken (registration booklet) for the car you are using when the workers as for it (it is so they can determine the weight waste minus the weight of your car as it is recorded in the shaken).  
See here for more information on waste disposal in Sendai.


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Disposal of Bulky Waste via the City Bulky Waste Collection Service

Since most ALTs do not have cars or a means to take items to the dispoals plants above, many ALTs will need to use Sendai`s bulky waste collection service when they have big items to get rid of.  When you have items like this, we suggest to take care of it promptly so as to not have a bunch of items gather.  While the city will come to your apartment to pick the waste up, the customer (you) is responsible for getting items out to the collection point.  City workers will not be there to help you carry items out or down stairs.  Please get friends to help you with items you cannot handle yourself.

If you are buying a new item to replace an old one, before you arrange pick up for the old item, check if the store you are buying from offers any kind of service where they will take your old item away for free or for a minimal fee when they come to deliver the new one.  This is generally eaiser and cheaper than arranging bulky waste collection and a service many places offer when buying locally.

You can arrange for collection of bulky refuse by negotiating a pick-up date and location, and purchasing a refuse ticket. Call the reception centre (716-5301 Mon-Fri 9:00-17:00) to arrange the pick-up.  The number is in Japanese only, so if you need help, please use the International Center`s 3-Way Calling service by calling 022-224-1919 first.  You will need to be able to describe the items you are getting rid of, mainly what they are and how large they are so you might want to roughly measure items.  The operator will then tell you the date you can put your items outside at the designated collection point, how many 粗大ごみ処理手数料納付券 (sodai gomi shori tesuuryou nou fuken, or refuse ticket) tickets you need to buy, and in which amounts for each item.  The cost depends on the item and ranges from 400 yen to 3,000 yen. Buy the tickets at a convenience store. 

Write your name or the given serial number on the refuse ticket as the operator instructs.  Make sure the sticker is then well affixed to the item so it cannot be stolen off the item.  Put the item at the designated place (e.g. in front of your house), by 8:30am on the designated day. 

Each neighborhood in Sendai has about two designated collection days each month.  It is possible for the days to fill up, in which case you have to wait until the next day with an opening.  If you need a rush collection on a specfic date, there is a special service which cost about 1,000 yen extra per item on top of the regular ticket fee.  If you pay the fee you can have items collected on a day and during a time frame you designate, even if it is outside your neigborhood`s usual collection days. To avoid this fee if you know you need to get rid of a big item, call well in advance, otherwise, you will need to work with the collection days for your area as instructed by the operator.  

Note: Air conditioners and televisions must be recycled by the manufacturer - consult your nearest electric appliance store for more information.