Arriving in Japan

Arrival Staff

When you arrive at Narita International Airport, you will be greeted in the arrival lobby by CLAIR staff, Tokyo Orientation Assistants (TOAs are current JET participants) and travel agent representatives. All arrival staff will be wearing JET T-shirts of the same colour, and should be very easy to spot. 


You will be directed to a shipping area where luggage can be sent to your school. You may take only ONE large piece of luggage (suitcase or rucksack) and ONE hand-held carry-on with you to the hotel for Tokyo Orientation. Any other luggage must be sent to your hotel in Sendai. 

If you have more than one piece of luggage, and the belongings you need for Tokyo Orientation are divided among your bags, you will be required to repack on the spot. Please keep this in mind when packing before departure.

Hotel Transfer

After the extra baggage has been sent, you will transfer by chartered bus to the hotel in Tokyo. All participants must travel on the pre-arranged buses as names are recorded and essential information is provided by Tokyo Orientation Assistants during the bus ride. Participants are NOT permitted to arrange alternative transportation. If you have people you would like to meet while in Tokyo, ask them to meet you at the hotel, NOT at the airport.